Southern Nevada
Herpetological Society

About Us

The Southern Nevada Herpetological Society (SNHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of its members and the general public about the proper care, husbandry, and breeding of reptiles and amphibians, and the conservation, ecology, and natural history of reptiles and amphibians in the wild, particularly herptofauna native to Nevada. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every other month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) at 7:30pm (unless otherwise noted). Meetings are held at the Nevada Cooperative Extension Lifelong Learning Center, 8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89123-1904.

SNHS members come from a wide range of experience from the novice to expert, from hobbyists and pet owners to professional biologists and educators. Our membership is open to anyone interested in these magnificent animals. The Society also takes an active role in legislative and conservation issues affecting these animals and their habitats. We host a variety of events during the year, providing education programs with special meetings for our kids club (SNHS Junior Herpers). If your child loves reptiles check out one of our Jr. Herper Meetings. We host informative bi-monthly meetings often with a guest speaker addressing issues and concerns relevant to today's reptile owner.

If you would like to join the SNHS contact us for a membership application at and we will e-mail one to you. Members receive the monthly newsletter "The Rattler" with reptile-related news and articles, and upcoming club events open for members only. Membership Fees are due once per year.

Student                            $15

Email Corresponding       $7

Individual                       $20

Business                            $50

Family                              $30

Contributing                  $100

Classrooms/Scouts      $30

Life                                   $500





As a dedicated non-profit, SNHS is also a reptile rescue and adoption organization with a tremendous success rate for recuperating sick animals, and finding great homes for them by working with our network of members, and with other rescue groups in the Las Vegas area.




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